About us

Our Story

Our genesis was a collaboration between our founders Dr. AlaaEddin Hossin and Eng. Amal Al-Kronz.


Since we began in 2016 we have already been involved in over 100 software projects. During this time we've tried different approaches for managing projects. By analyzing which approaches were more successful and why we have amassed a wealth of experience of how to adapt our strategy to differing projects. 


Our experience led to the obvious, but at the same time, the only reasonable conclusion - Agile/SCRUM.

Why Choose Us

We listen, advise, design and deliver world-class, user-friendly IT products for clients in an agile way. How? Through our project experience and collective knowledge, we have established our way of bringing value to our clients. 

We know that our customers are important for us and hence we do not leave any stone unturned in helping, guiding and providing the best possible solutions & after sales services and support to our clients.

We offer you some of the best cutting edge technologies for ecommerce development and online marketing services to maximize your sales and brand value across multiple retail channels at a very competitive price.

When it comes to brand building or handling the ecommerce websites, we are one of the most trusted companies with a single motive of delivering excellence to our clients.

We deliver solutions that are high quality, technically advanced & high performance. The solutions we develop are not only visually stunning or user-friendly but are also high performance solutions, which deliver tangible results. We develop solutions ranging from ecommerce portals (B2B,B2C), enterprise Commerce solutions and more.

Let your work speak for yourself”. Please browse through our work portfolio to view some examples of our work & expertise.We work with a lot of dedication & passion and our work proves this. We are experts in developing a web solution of any type as per our customers’ requirements, which will work for you.

When it comes to handling our customers’ projects we make sure that the project is handled by someone who is not only an expert but also has complete dedication towards work. We have a team of dedicated account managers striving for excellence. We make sure that your project is managed in the best possible way.


To be a leading IT Solution company in the IT sector and progress in our current position in the market


Delivering innovative and reliable IT solutions to meet our clients' needs with utmost quality and unwavering ethic


Fostering creative leadership, relentless innovation, collaborative teamwork, and unwavering commitment to excellence

Will you be the next success story?  

Professional Team

Dr. AlaaEddin almabhouh

Co-Founder and Business Development

Co-founder and board director at AHD Technology. 23 years of experience developing and designing information systems, including database development, data warehouse and business intelligence, system analysts, software architects, and project managers. I have 13 years as a lecturer and researcher. I also have over 12 years of experience as an ICT consultant for various NGO, corporate, and public organizations.

Eng. Amal Alkronz

Co-Founder and CEO

Co-founder and CEO of AHD Technology. I am an experienced founder with over 9 years of expertise in team building, management, and mobile app development. I also have hands-on knowledge in IT outsourcing. Highly motivated and goal-oriented, with a determined and focused attitude and a positive outlook, capable of leading and inspiring people in difficult situations. I am a strong problem solver who is also committed to hard effort and ingenuity.

Abeer Zemo

Senior Backend Web Developer

Nazeh Taha

Senior Fronend Web Developer

Hamza Alshanti

Senior Fronend Web Developer

Ahmed Zaalan

Senior .NET Web Developer

Israa Nssar

Senior Web Developer (PHP Laravel & Angular)

Mohammed Mortaja

Senior Backend Web Developer

Ahmed Tawil

Senior Backend Web Developer

Ayman Alqoqa

Senior Full-Stack Developer (Express/React/Next)

Buthaina Sharaf

Senior Backend Web Developer

Ali Alagh

ASP.NET Core Develope

Mohammed Al-Reai

Fronend Web Developer

Mohammed Alhabash

Fronend Web Developer

Mousa Hashisho

Senior Android Developer

Osama Al-Dasoqi

Senior Flutter Developer

Besan Baker

Senior iOS Developer

Mahmoud Mazrou

Flutter Developer

Najla' Fathi

Flutter Developer

Mohammed Al-Efrangy

Senior iOS Developer

Mohanad Alkronz

Senior ERPNext Developer

Mahmoud Ahmed

ERPNext Developer

Dr. Mohammed Shbier

AI & ML Consultant

Dr. Mahmoud Sammour

Senior AI Programmer

Afnan khattab

AI & ML Engineer

Hala Yahya

AI & ML Engineer

Wesam Hamad

Senior Software Quality Assurance

Mohammed Aabed

Business Analyst | Software QA Engineer

Hasan Almadhoun

Senior Application Test Engineer

Moaz Almabhouh

Senior Software Quality Assurance

Nidal Enayah

Senior Software Quality Assurance

Mohammed Tayeh

Senior DevOps Engineers

Mahmoud Al-Krunz

DevOps Engineers

Manar Adnan

UI-UX Designer 

Reem Mustafa

Product Designer