Filter Queen Agent

Completion date: Dec, 2021 Filter Queen Agent is a mobile app to follow up on customers and serve them in the best way by coordinating and organizing the tasks of delegates to achieve the best follow-up to customer requests. Google play store Apple store


Completion date: May, 2022 Inbox Logistics is an innovative storage solution powered by a new warehousing and logistics company that offers supply chin services, powered by an in-house ERP System. The solution is activated through three components: The main Inbox mobile App (Android, iOS) – Flutter Inbox Delivery App (Android, iOS) – Flutter Management and operator […]


Completion date: Mar, 2022 HomeKitchens is a marketplace application available on both Android and iOS where users can sign up and either order or create their own home cooked posts to display to other users. Users have the ability to interact with other users’ kitchens via messaging where they can discuss an order they would want […]